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Cultivating the Choral ARt


Welcome to Cultivating the Choral Art: An Introduction to Conducting Pedagogy and Choral Rehearsal Technique

This course is designed to introduce emerging conductors to the pedagogy of conducting technique, while at the same time instilling solid rehearsal technique skills. There are most certainly texts currently on the market containing instruction on each of these topics; however, it is the aim of this text to provide simultaneous instruction in both conducting pedagogy and choral rehearsal technique. This is essential for an effective and comprehensive preparation for the multifaceted requirements of the profession. 

The transition from being a chorister/musician to becoming an artistic conductor is an exciting one! It involves using every bit of your “to-this-point” acquired skills and knowledge simultaneously: music history knowledge, music theory knowledge, acute aural skills, musical analysis, audiation skills, language skills, research skills, analysis skills, performance skills, organizational skills, people skills, imaginative skills, leadership skills, and countless other skills/knowledge.. You will weave these skills together into an effective art of communication with your choir and with your audience. You, in essence, are the conduit through which the music is conveyed from the composer to your choir, and then communicated to your audience. This requires intense self-evaluation and reflection. The required skill and knowledge-base, combined with absolute passion for the choral art, synthesize into an art-form that you will be required to continuously cultivate over the course of  your entire professional life. You goal is to strengthen each “leg” of the stool of artistry to support and develop superior artistic leadership

Knowledge + Skill + Passion = Artistry

This transition is not an easy one; the conductor’s podium requires much from its occupant. Gestural communication and intellectual musical understanding are symbiotic. Our gestural communication must evolve from musical knowledge, yet in order to communicate this knowledge, we must develop an effective arsenal of gestural skills from which we can draw.

We wish you well on this journey, with its challenges and its rewards, as you Cultivate the Choral Art! We are here to support you, to challenge you, and to hopefully inspire you in your conducting endeavor!


-Jill Burgett, DA, author

-Dolhathai Intawong, (ABD) DA, contributing author

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